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In the campaign to Save Owls Head Park Reserve, there have been numerous contributions from scientists and citizens alike. You will see that various government materials have identified the property as “Owls Head Provincial Park” or “Owls Head Provincial Park Reserve.” On this page are some of the key resources that show the conservation history of Owls Head and the need to protect the site’s vital ecosystems.

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Bob Bancroft and the Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association are involved in a legal case in two parts: (A) a time extension to submit a judicial review and (B) The Judicial review itself

Judge Coady’s Decision on the request for a time extension


Select statements from SCIENTISTS and Organizations on the Ecological Value of Owls Head
HIstory of protection
Scientific articles on the value of ecosystems like owls head
Policy Documents and publications Regarding the Status or Ecological Value of Owls Head

Government documents obtained by Freedom of Information request:

  1. Download full FOIPOP 2019-00947-DLF 24Mb (hosted on govt. web site) This is the original FOIPOP, regarding the offer from Lighthouse Links. 405 pages and heavily redacted, but the clues are there.
  2. FOIPOP_2019-00946-EXE 4.8 Mb This FOIPOP is mostly focused on the negotiations to buy the parcel owned by the federal government. (The Federal Government has declined to participate)
  3. FOIPOP 2020-00068 PRE This was a response to a 3rd request, which had been submitted by a political party. It turned up no results but it could be significant for what was not found. The request was for “Correspondence between the Premier’s Office and Michel Samson between January 2017 and January 2020 on the subject of Owls Head land.”
  4. FOIPOP 2020 00947.pdf Newly revealed documents, gained through a Freedom of Information Request by CPAWS NS. From The Letter of Offer to the Valuation of Owls Head, see our summary here.
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Maps Hosted on this Site
Eastern Shore Seaside Park System
Owls Head identified as Tier 1 Conservation Lands through Colin Stewart Forest Forum
Owls Head Park Map
Owls Head Park Map Before Government Scrubbing
Owls Head Map
Owls Head Park Map After Government Scrubbing
Gilbert Holdings
Properties owned or sought by G.S. Beckwith Gilbert in Little Harbour/Owls Head
Eastern Shore Seaside Park System Map in CoNServation (full pdf linked above) Note that Owls Head was part of the “Islands and Headlands” area, as one of the “Natural Environment Parks Proposed as representative examples of the unique coastal landscape.”
Source of data:
Publicly available GIS data reveals the boundaries of “Owls Head Provincial Park”. Note that the table clearly states the management type as a Park, and the Park type as Reserve.
Halifax Green Network Plan Map of Parks and Protected Areas
Halifax Green Network Plan Map of Parks and Protected Areas p 35
Halifax Green Network Plan detail of above map p 35
Halifax Green Network Plan p 55
Halifax Green Network Plan detail of map p 55. Owls Head is identified as a provincial park.

100 Wild Islands Map
Eastern Shore Islands Wilderness Area Map
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