We are here to speak for something which cannot speak for itself – Owls Head Provincial Park.

Hello everyone, I am Bev Isaacs, a resident of Little Harbour/Owls Head, thank you for supporting us in this fight. We are here to hold our government accountable for their unfair, secretive backroom deal to sell Owls Head Provincial Park to a non-resident. Their decision to delist a Provincial Park without public consultation was disrespectful to the citizens of Nova Scotia. Our government owes this to the people of Nova Scotia, to provide an environment that we all can be proud of. An environment that will be sustainable, an environment with ecosystems that will provide clean air, clean water for the next generation.

Owls Head Provincial Park cannot be compared to other sites that have had golf courses built on them. We know through science-based facts that Owls Head is a rare ecosystem that has not been touched for 10,000 years, since the last ice age. Just on the shores of Owls Head Provincial Park are eelgrass beds; eelgrass beds can capture carbon up to 35 times faster than a tropical rainforest. Eelgrass beds provide shelter and food for young crustaceans, they provide protection to the coastal land from the impact of surging waters. Eelgrass is very sensitive to runoff; if we lose it, there really isn’t anything else to replace it.

The endangered piping plovers call this home. The value of this land is priceless. This is my community, this is your community. If we do not stand up and protect it, it will be ground into dust, never will it be able to protect our environment as it has for the last 10,000 years. Climate change will not wait !!

Premier Rankin you have the facts, use those science-based facts as we have been throughout this pandemic to provide the citizens of Nova Scotia a safe and healthy environment to thrive in.

Premier Rankin has the power to stop the sale of Owls Head Provincial Park. I would like to thank Sydnee Lynn McKay for starting our Facebook group Save little Harbour Owls Head from becoming golf courses and for her months of dedication. Also thank you to Lindsay Lee and Chris Trider for your knowledge, for educating us on the biodiversity that this land holds!! Thank You.

On April 1, supporters gathered outside the Law Courts in solidarity with judicial review applicants Bob Bancroft and Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association.

Bev Isaacs is a resident of Little Harbour and an administrator of the Facebook group.

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