On December 1, 2021, a group of concerned citizens met with Eastern Shore MLA Kent Smith to advocate for legally protecting Owls Head Provincial Park. Christopher Trider, Dr. Kristina Boerder, and Celes Davar spoke about the park network, the science, and new opportunities for the province.

This presentation proposed ways to ensure legal protection of the site’s significant conservation values, the wider park network, and important cultural landscapes (while still working towards a thriving Eastern Shore).

We would also like to thank the other volunteers who stepped up to work on this project over the past few months, including local residents Beverley Isaacs and Pam Baker, Lindsay Lee of saveowlshead.org, and Kathy Kaulbach of Touchstone Design House.

By designating Owls Head Provincial Park, Premier Houston would show that transparency, accountability, and science-based decision-making would be a priority for his government.


Christopher Trider: Christopher worked for the Department of Natural Resources (now DNRR) for 21 years. Christopher was a park planner specializing in coastal properties. He designed well-loved coastal parks including MacCormacks Beach Provincial Park, Rainbow Haven Beach Provincial Park, Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park, Pomquet Beach Provincial Park, and many more.

Dr. Kristina Boerder: Kristina is a postdoctoral researcher from the Department of Biology at Dalhousie University. Kristina and her team have completed numerous underwater transects to document the eelgrass beds at Owls Head Provincial Park. They are also working to quantify and date the carbon stored in the eelgrass meadows, salt marshes, and other wetlands.

Celes Davar: Celes Davar is a biologist, photographer, walker, and storyteller. Celes Davar is the owner and president of Earth Rhythms, an award-winning experiential tourism company that crafts custom experiences for travellers and groups and provides personalized experiential tourism coaching services and community training workshops for Canadian tourism sector partners.

Speakers’ Notes


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