It’s a cliche to say we are here to save a little bit of nature for future generations. But that’s exactly why we’re here, isn’t it?

I have four young grandchildren. My granddaughter just turned six. She is happiest traipsing through the woods and running through meadows. She turns rocks and rotten logs over just to see what’s living under them. She loves snakes and salamanders. She has a Tupperware container with holes punched in the top and a layer of dirt on the bottom. This past summer she has cared for a number of pets: two earthworms, an inchworm, a couple of land snails and…six garden slugs. All her pets have names. She feeds them cabbage leaves and sprinkles them with water. And, with the help of her parents, she learns about them. She’s very curious about the natural world around her. She showed me the eggs that the slugs laid. Who knew slugs lay eggs? My six-year-old granddaughter does.

She loves to be in nature. She loves to learn about nature. But we are losing nature incrementally, bit by bit. If we don’t stop, we will be telling kids like my granddaughter and all the generations to come:

“Oh yes, Nature. We used that up. Sorry”

We’ve got to stop using up Nature. In this case, we’ve got to save Owls Head Provincial Park. Stop the sale.


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