January 28, 2020
Eastern Shore Cooperator
Richard Bell

More than 200 people turned out on Sunday, January 26 2020 for the public meeting on the fate of Owls Head Provincial Park. The Facebook group Save Little Harbour/Owls Head from Becoming a Golf Course and the Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association sponsored the meeting. The sponsors oppose the sale of these public lands to a private developer planning to build three golf courses. During the Q&A session after the formal presentations, several people did raise questions about the need for jobs on the Eastern Shore, and the potential for the proposed golf courses to boost economic development on the shore.

Richard Bell
Made Available by Richard Bell from The Eastern Shore Cooperator. Visit his page to read about each video segment

Barbara Explains the Ground Rules

Meeting chair Barbara Markovits (from the host group ESFWA) walks through the ground rules for the afternoon’s event. Courtesy of Richard Bell/The Eastern Shore Cooperator.

Summary Document

In this video, Barbara Markovits (with host organization Eastern Shore Forest Watch) reads an overview of the development of the controversy over the Province’s delisting of Owls Head Provincial Park in order to sell it to a wealthy American who wants to build 3 golf courses on the site. This document is available on the Cooperator’s Owls Head Resource Page if you would rather read it. Courtesy of Richard Bell/The Eastern Shore Cooperator.

45 Years as Owls Head Provincial Park

In this segment, Patricia Egli (with host group Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association) goes through the 45-year history of provincial governments and independent researchers talking about Owls Head Provincial Park and displaying Owls Head Provincial Park on official provincial govt. maps. Courtesy of Richard Bell/The Eastern Shore Cooperator.

Chris Trider on the Park’s Ecological Significance

In this segment, Chris Trider talks about the qualities of Owls Head Provincial Park that make it worth saving. Trider’s backgound gives him a unique perspective, having worked as a golf course manager, and then spent 21 years with the Department of Natural Resources with a focus on coastal land management. Courtesy of Richard Bell/The Eastern Shore Cooperator.

Ecology Action Centre Opposes the Sale

The Ecology Action Centre’s wilderness outreach coordinator Karen McKendry talks about why the EAC supports stopping the sale of Owls Head Provincial Park. Courtesy of Richard Bell/The Eastern Shore Cooperator.


Questions & Answers 1

This segment is about a half-hour of questions and answers, as well as some statements of concern about the Eastern Shore not taking advantage of economic development opportunities like the proposed golf courses. Speakers include: Tim Austin, Mike Collard (Halifax Wilderness Association, and NS Association of Anglers and Hunters), Mike Young, Adrian Blanchette, Pam Baker, Gary Worth, Cheryl Whytock, and Raymond Plourde (EAC). Courtesy of Karen Bradley/Richard Bell.

Q&A Trevor Parsons

Trevor Parsons questions the economic viability of a golf course/real estate development on Owls Head, pointing out the failure of the developer of the gated Abbecombec Village in nearby Clam Bay. Courtesy of Richard Bell/The Eastern Shore Cooperator.

More Q&A

Thoughts and ideas from Kim Thompson (founder of ESFWA and the Deanery Project), PC MLA Brad John, PC MLA Barbara Adams, Paula Milsom, and Nancy Austin. (Note: PC MLA Larry Harrington also attended the meeting.) Courtesy of Richard Bell/The Eastern Shore Cooperator.

Next Steps and Final Questions

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