A Thank You Note to Premier Houston and Minister Rushton

Thank you very much for designating Owls Head as Nova Scotia’s next provincial park. Along with thousands of other citizens across the province, I am overjoyed and relieved that this special coastal park will remain in public ownership and be protected in perpetuity.

The Save Owls Head movement has shown just how deeply Nova Scotians care about wild spaces, coastal parks, and transparency in government.

Your decision to right this wrong will preserve the beauty and biodiversity of our province for generations to come. It will also help to rebuild something invaluable: public trust.


The Canadian Press: Groups that fought to preserve Owls Head hail Nova Scotia’s pledge to protect it

The Nova Scotia government’s decision to protect a section of rugged Crown land along the province’s Eastern Shore from development is being hailed as proof that public mobilization can make a difference.

Chris Miller, executive director of the Nova Scotia chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, described the new park designation as the “best possible outcome” for Owls Head.