Robert Devet
The Nova Scotia Advocate
January 6, 2021

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KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Jacob Fillmore, the young man camping out on the Grand Parade across from Halifax city hall in support of the threatened mainland moose in Western Nova Scotia has been told by city staff to leave within a day or so.

… Jacob started camping out here three weeks ago, after spending time with the forest protectors deep in the woods of Digby County. When he returned to Halifax he felt that continuing the protest in downtown Halifax would be the best way to keep the threatened mainland moose in the public eye. 

And it’s not just the moose, he is equally upset about what’s happening with Owls Head, and the state of Nova Scotia’s threatened species altogether, he says. On his Facebook page he talks about his support for the water protectors fighting Alton Gas.

That said, he’s happy about what he has accomplished so far. And he should be. I know that many environmentalists have felt inspired and heartened by his stubborn one-person protest action. 

“I think I generated lots of lots of awareness. And lots of people saw me around here, or heard about what I was doing. So I think that that’s a start, and it’s something to be proud of,” he says.

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