Bill Black
The Chronicle Herald
March 20, 2021

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Nova Scotia has 131 operational provincial parks occupying 21,000 hectares. The two national parks occupy a further 135,000 hectares. 

A golf course occupies 50 to 75 hectares, depending on how much of the land is usable. The area of Nova Scotia is 5,528,400 hectares. The 65 courses we already have use less than 0.1 per cent of the total. 

Combining holdings at Owls Head would provide 438 hectares. Three golf courses would use, at most, half of that, leaving plenty of opportunity to protect areas having unique environmental attributes. Any proposal by Lighthouse Links would be subject to environmental review. 

Nova Scotia has no shortage of rocky terrain. People have differing tastes. Many would be happier walking on a golf fairway than clambering over rocks. It is certain that far more people will enjoy the view from Owls Head if it has golf courses than if it remains as is. 

… The letter writers imply that Rankin will have trashed his green credentials if he allows the golf project to proceed. No doubt, that will also be said if he fails to shut down marine-based finfish aquaculture, gold mines and much of the forest industry. 

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