Jennifer Henderson
The Halifax Examiner
April 2, 2021

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Justice Brothers has reserved her decision.

Meanwhile, Premier Iain Ranking appears not to be considering reversing the de-listing of Owls Head.

“On the plaza of the Law Courts, demonstrators have convened in support of the judicial review and they have done so with a sense of great hope,” said NDP leader Gary Burrill during Question Period yesterday.

“There is hope that the premier will show that his words about the environment and the value of land protection are in fact signifying something real. And he will show that by reversing his government’s de-listing of Owls Head. Will the premier tell us whether he plans to disappoint them?”

“What I intend to do is continue to look at sites across the province with the Lands and Forestry Minister and Minister of Environment,” replied Premier Rankin. “They have a mandate to look at identifying sites from the Parks and Protected Areas Plan, as we have done in the past. That referenced land (Owl’s Head) was not protected. We are continuing to listen to communities and consult with communities and that’s what we are going to do.”

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