“Iain Rankin, sir, this is Elizabeth Marshall. I am the Grandmother for my community, for my nation, as I was asked by my elders, most of whom are now dead.

I’m calling in regards to the Owls Head project, that you want to give the go-ahead to your billionaire buddy. We’re gonna oppose it. And if that means that me and my warriors move into your lands where you’ve settled in St. Margaret’s Bay, we’re more than happy to do that; I hear the view is wonderful. But you need to understand you do not have our consent and we will oppose this, just like we opposed every other project that did not have our consent. And neither did KMNKO & the Indian Affairs Chiefs. They do not carry our consent, either.

You have a good day and you be more respectful of the title that belongs to the Mi’kmaq People, not to you – goodbye.”

Additional Statement from Elizabeth Marshall:

Friends & neighbours, I’m confident we will win to save Owl Head; our warriors are on stand by, and ready to help once we ask for them.

We are heading down there to do a survey & ceremony, after our ceremony this weekend, and even though there is a threat of a hurricane, we’re still going, myself & two other women. The creator is most powerful in a storm.. and since WE are defending the Water too, what better way to be blessed with Creator’s love & protection…

Please continue to advocate, please continue to pray for all of us, and for a better heart & mind for the Liberals.

In the last 40 years of activism, I want to share this: we have NEVER gone into battle with this much community support… united we stand, united we will succeed for Water, for Creation…

Mi’kmaq Grandmother Elizabeth Marshall

Editor’s Note: Freedom of Information requests revealed that the prospective developer asked the Nova Scotia government to “hold off on the First Nations consultation until there is a signed agreement.” On behalf of his client, Mr. Gilbert, attorney Sean Glover asked, “Can you confirm this can be managed?”

Thankfully, the government drew the line at violating the 2010 Terms of Reference for a Mi’kmaq-Nova Scotia-Canada Consultation Process. Nevertheless, it is clear that the prospective buyer pushing for the consultation to be withheld until after “there is a signed agreement” suggests a lack of respect for the engagement process. You can read more about this, here.

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