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Francis Campbell
November 24, 2021

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The Facebook group Save Owls Head Provincial Park and others are heralding a private company’s withdrawal from a letter of offer to buy and develop Crown land at Owls Head on the Eastern Shore as a landmark citizen-led victory.

But questions remain about what will become of the 285 hectares of Crown land, divided into four parcels, that has been at the centre of controversy ever since it was removed from the province’s parks and protected plan in 2019 by the Liberal government for the purpose of reaching a conditional agreement to sell it to developer Beckwith Gilbert.

Across the province, thousands of Nova Scotians are celebrating the fact that Owls Head will not be sold off and destroyed, the Save Owls Head group said in a news release, adding that the Liberal government’s decision two years to “secretly delist the park and offer it for sale,” generated massive province-wide opposition.

“We’ve been standing up for Owls Head Provincial Park and its conservation values for almost two years now,” said group founder Sydnee Lynn McKay. 

“It never should have been necessary, but it was worth it.” 

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