February 24, 2021
CBC Radio
Information Morning

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The question about Owls Head Provincial Park begins at 5:34.

Portia Clark: And with respect to Owls Head and that whole issue, what’s your plan now with that?

Premier Rankin: Well, I think it is really important that we listen to the community. There is an engagement plan that I don’t believe has been submitted yet by the proponent. I am really recommending they get going with that. And that does need to be approved by government, so that it is truly objective and hears all views.

I look at this as making sure that we listen to communities if there is a potential economic project. I think it is our duty to listen to the communities. If something comes out of an analysis or public engagement that says, look we’re going to have long-term impacts to the environment of the area and we shouldn’t proceed, then we should stop. But that hasn’t happened yet. I know there are sensitive areas in that region, but golf courses have co-existed in other protected areas in our province and country, so it’s worth pursuing.

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