Local Opinion by Beverley Isaacs, Little Harbour Resident

Reposted from the Facebook page by permission

I have been reading how people are complaining about how some of the members of this group (Save Little Harbour/Owls Head) are not from Little Harbour / Owls Head.

I just saw on Facebook a petition from a gentleman asking for signatures in favour of the golf course and economic growth on the Eastern Shore.

There are questions that need to be asked before supporting a development you know nothing about.

There are questions that need to be asked before supporting a development you know nothing about.

Have you thought about how many years this will take? Gone are the quiet days in Little Harbour, you’ll instead have the smell of fresh diesel to awaken to every day.

Have you researched what kind of chemicals are used to maintain a prestigious golf course? Do you know those chemicals will be airborne? Have you calculated how much your property taxes will increase? Will you even be able to afford to live here anymore?

Have you thought about the daily air traffic that will take place to bring in the millionaires from the US? People have speculated that he plans to build his own runway. [Editor’s note: this has not been verified]

What makes you think a minimum wage seasonal job is going to bring young people back here to live? Today’s generation wants everything at their disposal and a seasonal minimum wage job is not going to do that. Young people move away from here because they want the amenities that the city provides.

I have been living here for 6 years and I love the pace of life. I work in the city but enjoy the peace and quiet, the fresh air and lack of people. That will all change and I don’t feel that the people in support of the golf courses are looking at the big picture.

There are other ways to grow the economy on the Eastern Shore. Tours of the islands, lobster boils on the beach, boating tours, kayaking, fresh fish cooked on the beach, just to name a few. They have dining on the ocean floor on the Bay of Fundy. It sells out every year.

These are just a few ideas to bring tourists out here and to provide small businesses for the people, instead of having a developer from the US coming and making money from the lands of the Eastern Shore.

Just stop and think


Beverley Isaacs

Little Harbour

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