A Government of Strong Environmental Stewardship?

Reporter Katie Hartai of Halifax Today asked a different sort of question than the other reporters at a Wednesday afternoon press conference. Take a listen.

Katie Hartai: “The federal government has transferred the land it owns at Owls Head to Environment and Climate Change Canada for conservation. The province did have intentions to buy that land with the purpose of selling it. Does this at all change Nova Scotia’s deal to sell the land it currently owns to a developer?”

Premier McNeil: “That has not been before me in a while. I can tell you that we are looking for economic activity in our province. We’ve been a government of strong environmental stewardship. I can list you a number of things that we as a province have done in order to deal with legacies of governments who have ignored environmental challenges. At the same time, continue protecting land as we strike the balance of economic development and we will continue to be good environmental stewards at the same as good stewards of the economy.”

You can read Katie’s article here.

Audio clip courtesy of Katie Hartai.

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