Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Karen Schlick
The Chronicle Herald
December 21, 2020

I read with interest the recent article on an update on the court case for Owls Head (“Owls Head court case stalling golf courses, much-needed jobs, Lighthouse Links argues,” Dec. 10).

The primary concern of this court case is the lack of transparency and consultation in delisting an ecologically sensitive area that was being considered for provincial protection. If it hadn’t been for a freedom of information request, the public would never have known about this; thus, the court case. If everything had been above board in the first place, there wouldn’t have been any need to go to court.

However, totally aside from the court case, a golf course in this location is not a done deal. For Lighthouse Links to state that this court case is holding up 200 potential jobs for the Eastern shore during the pandemic, is disingenuous at best. Even if a sale had quietly gone through unobserved, there would be many further legal, time-consuming steps.

It seems it’s more convenient to blame people who are concerned about the environment for so-called supposed “job losses.” Drive a wedge further into the Eastern Shore community instead of telling the truth. There are no jobs coming anytime soon related to this nonexistent and non-approved golf course.

Further statements by the developers bring into question what kind of reality they are living in. The destruction of the environment that would be required to create a golf course at Owls Head is not in any way commensurate with environmental stewardship.

I haven’t seen any piping plovers or species at risk hanging out on a golf green anytime recently.

Karen Schlick, Musquodoboit Harbour

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