Contributed by Joe Tucker
The Chronicle Herald
March 1, 2021

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Bob Rosborough’s piece attacking the opponents of an American golf venture at Owls Head is a sustained act of misdirection. Let’s leave aside that a golf course is a social and ecological catastrophe, providing ecosystem services nothing comparable to those it destroys, and only meagre, low-wage jobs: it’s too basic to merit debate. 

Let’s state facts, and underline Rosborough’s hypocrisy. Apparently, he supports the secret sale of protected land. He wants one of our few remaining pieces of public coastline in the private hands of a foreign billionaire. We who stand opposed are sheeplike “social media followers,” with no legitimate interest in our own province, influenced by “questionable, unsuccessful government employees.”

Stated plainly: actual Nova Scotians and Eastern Shore residents, disgusted as our province falls further behind Canada’s already laggardly ecological norms, matter less than American investors bent on building private enclaves for their hyperwealthy peers. Government employees trained in environmental management are shadowy threats, unlike the McNeil cabinet that secretly delisted Owls Head and promoted its destruction — revealed only after an inside leak and freedom of information request.

Enclosure, ecocide, government malfeasance: what wouldn’t Mr. Rosborough and the Liberal party support, in the name of third-rate jobs and systemic underdevelopment?

Joe Tucker, Musquodoboit Harbour

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