Letter to the Editor
The Chronicle Herald
Submitted by Karen Schlick
November 27, 2021

Originally published here

It’s always interesting to see spin doctors at work. A great demonstration of this art can be seen in the Nov. 24 front-page story about Owls Head, “Company abandons resort plan.”

The statement quoted from the company Lighthouse Links conveniently neglects to mention that, while over 700 people were in favour of the project, thousands were against it. Over 30,000 signed the online petition. I wonder why?

I hope this provincial government made it clear that they were not going to pony up from taxpayer coffers to help create an elitist facility here on the Eastern Shore. The idea that Nova Scotians would’ve been able to afford any of that housing is laughable, as was the prospect of “hundreds of jobs.”

Now, let’s do what should’ve been done in the first place: officially designate the proposed protected lands. Stop selling Crown land in secret, backroom deals. Get on with creating viable ecotourism on the Eastern Shore that doesn’t depend on people flying in on their jets. Let’s stop being a pathetic have-not community, eager to be sold down the river. Let’s have a vision here in Nova Scotia of doing things that are sustainable and good for the environment, as well as prospering the local economy. We can do this!

Karen Schlick, Musquodoboit Harbour

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