Letter to the Editor
The Chronicle Herald
Contributed by Silver Frith
February 12, 2021

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Re: the proposed development of Owls Head Provincial Park in the Little Harbour region (Feb. 9 story).

I think it is imperative to preserve wilderness lands in the province for recreational purposes. The COVID pandemic has underlined the importance of nature to our mental health.

Also, there is no question that the massive assault on wilderness areas the world over has placed our species, along with many others, in peril. We have so many unique and beautiful areas in Nova Scotia, and we can be a model for thoughtful conservation.

I urge the incoming premier to honour the land-use evaluation that has already been made for this area, which designated it best suited to activities like kayaking and hiking, and to fully protect Owls Head as a wilderness park. This action will preserve its unspoiled beauty and ensure that it will continue to be a home for species at risk, one of which, sadly, is the human species.

Silver Frith, Halifax

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