Letter to the Editor
The Chronicle Herald
Contributed by Mary Ellen Stevenson
March 18, 2021

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In view of Premier Iain Rankin’s recent statement to Steve Murphy in CTV News interview that “I would not be for a project that would have long-term adverse impact to a sensitive ecosystem,” it is astonishing that under his direction Owls Head Provincial Park would have been delisted as a protected area and that development of golf courses on the property, surely causing the aforementioned “adverse impact to a sensitive ecosystem,” would have been approved. 

He was the environment minister at the time. This gives rise to concern that his promotion of action on climate change is more hot air than it is an expression of intent to do something constructive about the climate emergency in which we find ourselves. 

If he is actually serious about environmental issues, and if his government is serious about passing and enforcing its proposed Biodiversity Act, one of his first acts as premier will be to reverse the Owls Head decision and return that property to its protected status.

Mary Ellen Stevenson, Oxford


Steve Murphy Interview Premier Rankin on CTV News

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