Judge says the ballot box, not the courts, is the place to address the matter

Michael Gorman
CBC News
July 30, 2021

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In a decision released Friday, Justice Christa M. Brothers acknowledged the public outrage following the discovery of the provincial government’s actions, which were first revealed by CBC News. 

But Brothers said the court could not intervene because the decision by the government’s treasury and policy board to delist the property, and by cabinet to enter into the letter of offer with prospective developers for the land, was within the government’s lawful authority.

“In such circumstances, if a remedy is sought by the public, the proper recourse in our constitutional democracy is not through the courts, but at the ballot box,” she wrote.

Company hopes to begin consultation in September

A statement on behalf of Lighthouse Links said the company was pleased with the ruling and hopes to begin public engagement in September.

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