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November 25, 2021

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A coalition of activists, scientists and land defenders are celebrating in Nova Scotia this week, following the cancellation of a proposal that could have seen a piece of biodiverse coastal parkland ground to sand.

… Had the development proceeded, the project would have proposed converting some of the granite ridges into sand for the golf courses. The project was pitched as a way to bring jobs and revenue to a part of the province that has experienced a shrinking population and a lack of economic opportunity.

Elizabeth Marshall says she’s not surprised the developer withdrew the proposal in the face of broad public opposition. Photo by Lloyd MacPherson

… For Elizabeth Marshall, a Mi’kmaq Grandmother from Eskasoni First Nation, the devaluing of the area was enough of a concern that she recently travelled four hours from her community to the rocky coastline at Owl’s Head to participate in a water ceremony with other grandmothers.

“That place is a paradise,” said Marshall, rejecting the idea the area has little biodiversity value. “I went there because I want to demonstrate to my ancestors, and to the Creator, my love for creation by asserting our title and sovereignty.”

“Colonization in a nutshell”

Mi’kmaw Grandmother Elizabeth marshall

Marshall said the secrecy around the sale — which included the developer asking to delay consultation with Indigenous communities until a purchase of the lands had been signed — was “colonization in a nutshell.”

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