Francis Campbell
The Chronicle Herald
December 11, 2020

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It’s unfortunate that the golf course proposal for Owls Head “continues to be delayed by this lawsuit which deprives Eastern Shore residents of what could be as many as 200 badly needed local jobs, during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Lighthouse Links said in a statement released to media Thursday.

… The Crown properties, according to the provincial documents submitted to the court in November, include a variety of coastal barrens and wetlands, exceptional bedrock-ridged topography and are home to the piping plover and the barn swallow, two species at risk.

The properties were removed from the protected list in March 2019 without public notification or consultation.

… Simpson said it’s “putting the cart before the horse,” for government to enter into a letter of offer with the company and to have all the terms settled, “without letting the public know that it had actually been delisted and considered for development.”

Lighthouse said it shares the concern of the plaintiffs and the community about protecting the environment and is committed to developing the project in a manner that’s respectful of the existence of endangered flora and fauna, and is willing to work with responsible environmentally conscious groups to make sure this objective is achieved. 

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