Sophie Arbour
Travelling with Paper
November 14, 2021

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It’s a tale as old as time: some 40 years ago, stakeholders agreed the land should be preserved and included in the Eastern Shore Seaside Park System. But then that never happened… Potential buyer Lighthouse Links Development Company (LLD), it was written, intends to build up to three golf courses in its stead.

But making the land a park for every Nova Scotian to enjoy was the right idea, says the Save Owls Head Provincial Park group. 

What’s more, completing the Eastern Shore Seaside Park System would attract more tourists to the region than golf.

Courtesy of Reanne Harvey

Writing my first piece on Owls Head Provincial Park, I became intrigued by this claim. 

Because, although it’s clear money isn’t worth much on a sick, burning planet, economy and environment aren’t always so obviously hand in glove.

… Something, however, could put the Eastern Shore on the map without destroying one of its strongest assets, and with much better rates of success. 

And that something is ecotourism.

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