The not-so-transparent dealings abound Owls Head Provincial Park

“CBC’s Mike Gorman and Jean Laroche dig into the lack of transparency” in this video.

January 21, 2020
CBC Nova Scotia
Sound Off

“What’s notable about this move is that nobody knew about it; in fact the only reason anybody knows about it is that we received an anonymous tip that prompted us to do Freedom of Information Requests, and the documents spelled out for us what nobody knew prior to that. So, on the one hand, people are – as you say – fired up about the fact that this land might be developed and its ecological value destroyed, but what they’re especially angry about is the way the government went about doing this. They did it in a way that protected it from ever being released to the public until they were ready to tell.”

CBC’s Michael Gorman

“This is a government, this is a premier, who promised to run the government that would be the most open and accountable in the country; this does not meet that test.”

CBC’s Jean Laroche


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