Julie Chaisson
PC Candidate Hammonds Plains – Lucasville
July 21, 2021

First off I’ll tell you the leader’s position, which I share too. Tim Houston has a big problem with the province’s secret process for taking land intended for a provincial park and selling it to a wealthy American who wants to build three golf courses there. The phrase “behind closed doors” doesn’t even begin to cut it.

At this point, we know that opponents to the project have asked for a judicial review of the decision to delist Owls Head and that the judge reserved her decision, basically saying that the developer has to hold a public consultation, approved by Lands and Forests, and includes, the public and First Nations community. At this point, the developers have not put together any. Nor does the government show any movement away from their initial decision to de-list, despite the outcry.

With large wilderness areas in our own backyard, like the Birch Cove Blue Mountain area, who knows what other parts of the province are up for grabs to the highest bidder. It’s very concerning.

Our local economy’s success is key to the success of this province. The cost of living has gone up, and businesses are still navigating a pandemic where government help was limited. I believe Nova Scotians are looking for solutions to put ‘local’ at the heart of our economic recovery.

Just yesterday, PC Leader Tim Houston announced ‘Nova Scotia Loyal,’ an innovative program that would reward shoppers with cash back for buying participating local products. Nova Scotia Loyal would offer 10 percent off the before-tax amount paid on local food products and 3 percent from local non-food items. We need to say THANK YOU and reward all those who understand the impact of buying local.

For months, our party has been arguing that a free and re-opened Nova Scotia could be done safely. Primarily, through testing at the airport, where many travelers first set foot in Nova Scotia. Back in November 2020 our party called for testing at the Halifax Airport. It wasn’t until January 2021 that voluntary testing was allowed. In May 2021, we still called for the kind of mandatory testing that would allow those in Nova Scotia the peace of mind that all visitors who came through the airport would have a test result in hand.

Rankin’s handling of the reopening of the NB-NS border was disappointing. While families on both sides of the borders made plans, Rankin’s last-minute announcement of modified quarantine requirements for people travelling from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia left a lot of Maritimers deeply disappointed and angry. To ensure a safe and speedy reopening of Nova Scotia, our communities need to be kept informed, not surprised.

I know that Tim Houston, the PC Party and I are committed to a safe reopening of Nova Scotia to get our economy back on track.

Thanks for your question and I hope I can count on your support in the upcoming election.

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