Graphic design by Helen Michel

The #SaveOwlsHead movement will continue to advocate for what is right—no matter which party is in charge.

We will continue to hold our leaders to account for the park, the process, and the precedent. And I think we can win.

There were a lot of significant issues in this election. And thanks to all of you, Owls Head Provincial Park was one of them, which has helped to raise awareness across the province.

This election may not have granted the results you were hoping for. But let’s put that aside because something really significant has happened. Members of the party in power had betrayed the trust of its citizens.

The resounding loss shows what happens when our elected representatives have lost the trust of their voters. And that is momentous—not only for Owls Head Provincial Park but also for the rest of the properties awaiting designation.

All future governments should remember what happens to parties that secretly delist and offer to sell a park, nature reserve, or wilderness area awaiting designation. Let this be a clear warning—Nova Scotians will not stand for this.

Now let’s get back to work.

– Lindsay Lee

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