The Marine Side: By Kristina Boerder

Marine biologist Dr. Kristina Boerder explains that Eastern Shore marine ecosystems and salt marshes are providing “important ecosystem services” that benefit humans and nature.

  • Protection from coastal erosion
  • Providing important habitat for a multitude of species
  • Benefiting local fisheries
  • Acting as important carbon sinks (absorbing & storing carbon dioxide)
  • Providing breeding and nursery habitat for terrestrial, near-shore, and migratory birds
  • Providing “shelter, foraging, and breeding habitat for marine invertebrates, such as shrimp and crabs, and small fish”
Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

Eighteen Holes, Eighteen Plauges: Putting the (Golf) Cart Before the Remorse

By Joanne Light

Imagine that Cathy Jones and company from “This Hour has Twenty Two Minutes” air a skit, in which they try to play golf on the coastal headland, formerly known as Owls Head Provincial Park… now turned topsy-turvy with tawdry turf.

Eighteen plagues, one for each hole are forthcoming :

1/ Black flies, gouging flesh from ears like a divot from a fairway,

2/ Clouds of mosquitoes sucking blood from the tanned forearms of those who came to relax and suck bloody Marys,


LISA ROBERTS: Owl’s Head – or whose list of protected areas will prevail?

MLA Lisa Roberts of the NDP speaks out about the delisting of Owls Head Provincial Park. Originally published on her site on January 16. republished with permission.

I am reluctantly re-emerging from a prolonged holiday break from social media. I know I’m not alone… January is now hitting with force and fury and a full calendar. 

I’m past due to comment on the Owl’s Head story that began emerging on Dec. 18.  That afternoon, I was on my way to a true pre-Christmas break – in a small off-grid cabin at Windhorse Farm – when I heard on CBC radio that the Nova Scotia Liberal cabinet had quietly removed Owl’s Head Provincial Park – as it’s been known since the 1980s – from a list of crown land parcels waiting permanent designation and protection as protected areas. (more…)