The Marine Side: By Kristina Boerder

Marine biologist Dr. Kristina Boerder explains that Eastern Shore marine ecosystems and salt marshes are providing “important ecosystem services” that benefit humans and nature.

  • Protection from coastal erosion
  • Providing important habitat for a multitude of species
  • Benefiting local fisheries
  • Acting as important carbon sinks (absorbing & storing carbon dioxide)
  • Providing breeding and nursery habitat for terrestrial, near-shore, and migratory birds
  • Providing “shelter, foraging, and breeding habitat for marine invertebrates, such as shrimp and crabs, and small fish”
Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

Eighteen Holes, Eighteen Plauges: Putting the (Golf) Cart Before the Remorse

By Joanne Light

Imagine that Cathy Jones and company from “This Hour has Twenty Two Minutes” air a skit, in which they try to play golf on the coastal headland, formerly known as Owls Head Provincial Park… now turned topsy-turvy with tawdry turf.

Eighteen plagues, one for each hole are forthcoming :

1/ Black flies, gouging flesh from ears like a divot from a fairway,

2/ Clouds of mosquitoes sucking blood from the tanned forearms of those who came to relax and suck bloody Marys,