Help Save Owls Head Provincial Park

Take a moment and think of your favourite park. Maybe it’s a hiking trail, a coastal area, part of a snowmobile network, or a great spot for a family picnic.

Now imagine how you would feel if that park suddenly disappeared. What if your elected officials decided that your recreational spaces, the environment, and public fairness were all less important than catering to a rich developer?

That’s precisely what happened with Owls Head Provincial Park on the Eastern Shore. Our government officials orchestrated 3 years of secrecy at the behest of a billionaire in order for him to buy 5 miles of publicly owned shorefront (for a mere $216,000).


LTE: Poor Optics

Letter to the EditorContributed by Karen SchlickThe Chronicle HeraldJuly 11, 2021 What is wrong with this picture? The former premier of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil, accepts an offer from the law firm Cox and Palmer to be a “strategic advisor.” Congratulations, Mr. McNeil! Coincidentally, what law firm is representing American Read more…

LTE: Bad Decisions

When admitting to his 2003 DUI, Premier Iain Rankin has stated that he made a “bad decision.” He is to be commended for admitting that fact. However, there are a number of other bad decisions that he cannot, will not admit to, including:

Sale of Owls Head approved by him as minister of environment and notice of sale not acknowledged until months later when dug up by journalist. Bad decision.


A Nova Scotia voter’s quest for a more thrivable economy

Celes Davar owns the tourism company Earth Rhythms. He lives in West Brooklyn.

As we approach a provincial election, I’m reflecting on what’s been changing in our immediate reality: climate change with severe weather impacts like more intense hurricanes in the fall; reduction in biodiversity with continued clear-cutting forestry practices; proposed habitat destruction such as the secret cabinet back-room deal to sell Owls Head provincial park to a billionaire developer to build golf courses and luxury homes while provincial policies seem to simultaneously advocate for sustainability and carbon energy reduction.


LTE: Revolving Door

Contributed by Gillian Thomas
July 3, 2021
The Chronicle Herald

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Jim Vibert’s column (June 16, “Freedom of Information: Premier’s Response Hard to Swallow“) is a reminder that much needs to be done to free Nova Scotia politics from its unsavoury past.

A decade ago, in the wake of the M.L.A expense scandal, The Globe and Mail observed that, “ Nova Scotia was once known as a province where vote-buying and personal enrichment by politicians was accepted, even expected.” In the same article, Herald columnist Ralph Surette suggested that his home province was not necessarily more corrupt than other provinces but that “it hung on longer and was deeper here.”


LTE: Release Information

Contributed by Angela Poirier
The Chronicle Herald
May 15, 2021

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Re: “Proponent of Owls Head golf development has acquired more than 20 area properties,” May 2.

Karen White, publicist for the proponents of this project, says, “It is unfortunate that so much misinformation is clouding an objective view of the project.” I would like to think that objective analysis would come from government and not the developer’s side of the house.


LTE: Tainted Decision

Owls Head. A pretty name for a provincial park. Not anymore, as it was delisted by Iain Rankin who was Land and Forestry Minister at the time. This was done without public notification or consultation in March 2019. It took a CBC reporter two years to discover this. Politics done this way always has a smell to it, completely opposite to an open and accountable government.