GLOBAL: Proposed sale of Owls Head to U.S. developer becomes major N.S. election issue

With the provincial election drawing closer on August 17, the contentious sale of Owls Head is quickly becoming a major issue on the campaign trail.

“This is a significant chunk of our coastline being offered up for $216,000,” said Theresa Pelley, a retired teacher and concerned citizen who lives in West Chezzetcook. “But the bigger issue than the fire sale on this globally rare and sensitive land is that it could happen in other areas of our province.”


Hundreds rally for Owls Head

Several hundred people filled Victoria Park on Saturday afternoon to protest the Liberal government’s handling of Owls Head and to call on their fellow Nova Scotians to make their discontent known at the ballot box.

… “Sometimes an issue hits you that you say: I just, That’s it. I can’t, I can’t take this one, I can’t stomach this one,” a frustrated Christopher Trider said in an interview before the rally. “This (Owls Head) is a large park, three and a half times the size of Point Pleasant, it’s undisturbed coastal heathland, probably represents 10,000 years of botanical evolution, and it’s a cultural heritage landscape, it’s a natural heritage landscape, and it’s been protected for 45 years. People are outraged.”