Chris Miller: Owls Head Needs Legal Protection

Nova Scotia’s parks and protected areas are important. These are places where we go to be outdoors with friends and family. They help clean the air and water. They contain important ecosystems and provide crucial habitat for lots of different species. We need these places for our health and well-being. 

That’s why the sale of public lands at Owls Head Provincial Park was doomed from the beginning. It matters too much to too many people. Our parks are not a commodity to be traded or sold. On the contrary, these are places that are to be treasured and must be carefully looked after for future generations. 

With the withdrawal of the “letter of offer” for Owls Head, the Nova Scotia government must now ensure that these public lands receive the legal protection that was promised a long time ago. Owls Head needs protection under the law so that future governments will not be tempted to sell off this ecological jewel for any reason. 


RICHARD BELL: Lighthouse Links Folds After Province Demands Serious Public Consultation

The Cooperator has learned that Lighthouse Links withdrew from the letter of Offer to purchase Owls Head Provincial Park and convert it into a luxury housing development with a few golf courses after learning that the province had determined that the company’s plans for public consultation were inadequate, and that the province would require a more thoroughgoing public consultation process.


Fate of Crown land at Owls Head still undetermined

The Facebook group Save Owls Head Provincial Park and others are heralding a private company’s withdrawal from a letter of offer to buy and develop Crown land at Owls Head on the Eastern Shore as a landmark citizen-led victory.

But questions remain about what will become of the 285 hectares of Crown land, divided into four parcels, that has been at the centre of controversy ever since it was removed from the province’s parks and protected plan in 2019 by the Liberal government for the purpose of reaching a conditional agreement to sell it to developer Beckwith Gilbert.