LTE: Wasting people’s time

It’s a steal! And no, I am not talking about the secret backroom deal to sell Owls Head Provincial Park, all 750 acres and five miles of coastline for less than the cost of an average Nova Scotia home. 

I mean the robbing of that most precious finite resource: our time! How many volunteer hours have been spent trying to save something that we thought was already saved? Owls Head Provincial Park was slated to be protected as site No. 694 of the Parks and Protected Areas Plan because of the well-documented scientific evidence of its high ecological and conservation value. 


Saving Owls Head Provincial Park
An Issue for All

When reporter Michael Gorman of CBC News broke the story it sparked a firestorm of opposition.

Thanks to a whistle blower, we now know that the government removed Owls Head Provincial Park from the list of lands awaiting legal protection, specifically to enter into a Letter of Offer with the Americans (working as Lighthouse Links Development Company). All of this was done without public knowledge or consultation.


LETTERS — Owls Head saga true to Nova Scotia motto: No One Is Responsible And No One Is Accountable

The recent ruling by Justice Christa M. Brothers of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court on the proposed Owls Head golf course sweet deal exposes more smoke and mirrors than any logical voter would imagine.  

Under the legislative fine print, The Tartan Sultan and The Pretender did nothing wrong! Wow! Why, there was no real legal protection at all!

Silly voters! Didn’t they remember Nova Scotia’s motto: NOIRANOIA — No One Is Responsible And No One Is Accountable?

The under-the-table aspect of this bothers me. The lack of respect for the voters of Nova Scotia — well, that’s no surprise to me at all.


LTE: Loss of Trust

In a province now dotted with yard signs, there’s one in particular that the Liberal party should take heed of: “Stop the Gov’t Sale, Save Owls Head Provincial Park.”

Premier Iain Rankin is portraying himself as the candidate who will tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. But during his tenure as minister of Lands and Forestry, he endorsed a clandestine deal: offering to sell a biodiverse park to an American developer, who plans to grind it into sand (seriously). 


Help Save Owls Head Provincial Park

Take a moment and think of your favourite park. Maybe it’s a hiking trail, a coastal area, part of a snowmobile network, or a great spot for a family picnic.

Now imagine how you would feel if that park suddenly disappeared. What if your elected officials decided that your recreational spaces, the environment, and public fairness were all less important than catering to a rich developer?

That’s precisely what happened with Owls Head Provincial Park on the Eastern Shore. Our government officials orchestrated 3 years of secrecy at the behest of a billionaire in order for him to buy 5 miles of publicly owned shorefront (for a mere $216,000).


LTE: Bad Decisions

When admitting to his 2003 DUI, Premier Iain Rankin has stated that he made a “bad decision.” He is to be commended for admitting that fact. However, there are a number of other bad decisions that he cannot, will not admit to, including:

Sale of Owls Head approved by him as minister of environment and notice of sale not acknowledged until months later when dug up by journalist. Bad decision.