World Wetlands Day Trivia

It’s World Wetland Day! We know that Owls Head Provincial Park has extensive wetlands, but how much do you know about wetlands? Test your knowledge with our #WWDNova Scotia trivia questions, with help from our friends at the Ecology Action Centre

Graphic Design by Helen Michel

1. According to the International Guidelines on Nature-Based Features, areas of the United States that had more wetlands experienced a _____% reduction in damages during Hurricane Sandy.
a) 5%
b) 15%
c) 25%
d) 30%


Statements from NDP Candidates

Numerous MLA candidates as well as NDP Leader Gary Burrill have pledged their support for saving Owls Head Provincial Park.

Protecting Nova Scotia’s natural places, which attract visitors from all over the world to our rural communities. The NDP would protect the remaining areas of the Parks and Protected Areas Plan, including Owls Head, and consult with the public and Mi’kmaw communities about new areas.

Something Better for Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia NDP (page 45)