Today was my first visit to Owls Head Provincial Park. Nova Scotia.

The park was secretly “delisted” by the Liberal Provincial Government and offered for sale to a wealthy American who wants to build three golf courses on the site. I must declare my complete opposition to the sale.

My sincere thanks to local resident and administrator for the Save Owls Head campaign, Beverley Isaacs, who took valuable time to show me some key areas.

At a cursory glance, the view is one of dense green low-level shrubs. On closer inspection, a world of flowers, fruit and fungi exists.

I came away, astounded by the diversity of plant life – even within a few feet of each other.

Importantly, the understanding that all of this could be lost to a monoculture of grass is overwhelming.

I am still working on the nearly 200 images I came away with. What I share below is just a small sample of what I saw today. Some of the images were taken from locations that would no longer be accessible if the so-called ‘development’ were to proceed.

Save Owls Head.

Photographer Simon Pont
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