The Honorable Tony Ince
MLA, Cole Harbour-Portland Valley
1081 Cole Harbour Rd Unit 6
Cole Harbour, NSB2V 1E8

February 7, 2020

Dear Minister Ince;

I am writing to you on behalf of the Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Society to express the organization’s support of the groundswell of Nova Scotians who are seeking a halt to the proposed sale of Owl’s Head Provincial Park Reserve.

Much as the Cole Harbour saltmarsh has done for Cole Harbour, we believe the protection of Owl’s Head Provincial Park Reserve can do for its surrounding communities. Despite being very different geologically, the story is very similar. The real value in this property is in keeping it intact thereby preserving and enhancing the quality of life for current residents and bringing in appreciative new residents, visitors, and tourists who understand its unique attractions and world-class attributes. It can continue to do this for generations to come, its value increasing as unspoiled natural areas continue to disappear in every corner of the world.

The Eastern Shore is just beginning to be recognized for the incredible piece of Nova Scotia it is, due entirely to its intact wilderness and untouched coastlines. All we have to do to ensure its future value is protect what already exists.

Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Society

“A poignant example of the power and foresight of community, commitment to protect the natural environment, and how these efforts benefit all, including the local economy” – Sue Corser

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