This fundraising campaign is now closed. Thank you for your support.


Barbara Markovits from Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association has announced that we’ve raised enough money to go forward with the judicial review. Thank you for your generous support!


As you know, the people of Nova Scotia have won the first round! Justice Coady of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court has granted us an extension to file an application for a judicial review (regarding the delisting of Owl’s Head Park from the list of Provincial Park Reserves).

We (Forest Watch and Bob Bancroft) have now officially requested this judicial review. This next step will take more time and more money. In August, we estimated that we would need an additional $10,000 to address the issues in the judicial review process.

A generous anonymous donor has contacted us with an offer to match all donations up to $5000! Therefore, we are seeking $5000 in matching donations.

Only $500 to go!

With your passionate and generous help, we’re almost there. The Forest Watch treasurer has reported a ‘shower’ of donations. We are within $500 of our goal of $5000. Thank you so much to those who have already donated.

Please keep up the donations, and we’ll all approach the finish line together!

How to Donate

The simplest way to donate is to send an e-Transfer to Then send the security answer in a separate e-mail to another email address, for security reasons.

If you prefer to snail-mail a cheque, please note that the Post Office has changed our mailing address:

Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association
22 Debaies Cove Road, Debaies Cove
Nova Scotia B0J 2L0 

Whether you can afford $5 or $100, a donation gives you a stake in the process, and — we hope — bragging rights at the end of the process.

Lighthouse Links & The Judicial Review

Lighthouse Links has requested and received Intervenor Status for the Judicial Review. An intervenor is a party that joins a Judicial Review after it’s been launched, who has some stake in or genuine connection to the issue at hand.

We Fight On

Without your support, we could not have reached this point in the fight for Owl’s Head Provincial Park. Let’s keep going, not only for Owl’s Head, but also the 100+ other Nova Scotia Provincial Park (Reserves), which are in the same fragile boat.

Let’s stop the Nova Scotia government from selling off our Provincial Parks!

Thank you, everyone!

Important Dates

Here are the next relevant dates for the court case to go forward:

October 30, 2020: Province to file record (without most redactions, except for those which would impact Cabinet Confidentiality)
November 13, 2020: Applicants (us) to file brief and affidavit on motion for evidence (to include some additional information, like expert reports on the ecological value of Owls Head Provincial Park Reserve.
November 27, 2020: Respondents (the Province) and intervenor to file brief and affidavit on motion for evidence.
December 11, 2020: Applicants to file reply brief (if any).
December 29, 2020:– Afternoon in the courtroom before a judge to sort out which evidence will be allowed in the Judicial Review.
April 1-2, 2021: The dates set for the Judicial Review itself, in a courtroom, before a judge.

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