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June 14, 2022

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Owls Head will officially become a provincial park.

Natural Resources and Renewables Minister Tory Rushton announced Tuesday the Crown lands in Little Harbour will be protected.

“The designation of this land as a provincial park is a clear indication of our promise to protect more land in Nova Scotia.” 

Natural Resources and Renewables Minister Tory Rushton 

“We are committed to transparency and giving the public an opportunity to provide input on how public lands are used, managed and protected.”

Owls Head is home to two species at risk — the piping plover and the barn swallow.

Its 266 hectares includes three islands and it has a variety of coastal barrens and wetlands, along with bedrock-ridged topography. 

Owls Head had been a part of the province’s parks and protected areas plan until 2019, when it was delisted by the then Liberal government and a proposal emerged to build as many as three golf courses there.

It will now become a natural park reserve, meaning there will be public access, but there will be no services or facilities, like garbage collection, washrooms or parking areas.

The province says it still needs to do some survey and paper work before the designation is official.

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