Lead: Dr. Kristina Boerder, Dalhousie University

I’d like to share the Science Overview Report for the 2021 field season. The document also includes the budget from the GoFundMe campaign including our expenses – shout out to more than 30 very generous people supporting our scientific work and a big THANK YOU! I’d also like to extend special thanks to CPAWS NS and the Ecology Action Centre for supporting this work for yet another year.

We’ve made some great progress in 2021 and are ideally set up to continue the work in 2022 – while OHPP will be protected, we will return for another season thanks to a research grant from the Ocean Frontier Institute awarded to Kristina Boerder to learn more about the importance of several ecosystems in OHPP and surrounding area with a special focus on climate change. This will hopefully help us achieve meaningful protection for OHPP and other important areas in our Province under a changing climate. We are sharing our results with the Province and DFO and hope this will continue.

Special shoutout to the many great experts and volunteers supporting this work, including our stellar two students Allegra Pearce and Lauren Laporte, who will work with us again in 2022, and the awesome crew working in the water and on the hard including Katie Studholme, Stephen Glazier, Haley Guest, Caitlin Grady, Laura Oakbrook, Nicolas Winkler, Beverley Isaacs and many more! My heart is light thinking about how many people care. If you have any questions please post them below or feel free to contact me directly.

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