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Posted by Richard Bell 
January 31, 2020, 5:08 PM
Eastern Shore Cooperator

Fraser published an explanation of his thoughts on the matter on the Save Little Harbour/Owls Head Facebook site on January 26. The Cooperator was able to get a short phone interview with Fraser on January 30 about the proposed land sale.

I asked Fraser about one of the more recent surprises in the story, the federal government’s decision to end negotiations with the province for the sale of a small, 17-hectare piece of federal Crown land adjacent to the proposed golf course, the site of a former lighthouse. The province had been seeking to buy the parcel, and include it in a package with the Owls Head Provincial Park land. If the province had intended the federal land to be used for some public purpose, the federal government would have sold the land for $1. (One dollar). But because the province planned to turn the land over to a private developer, the province was going to pay $167,000.

First, Fraser was emphatic that he was not trying to overturn this federal decision: “No, I am not working to reverse this federal government decision, behind the scenes or otherwise.”

Fraser provided some history on the Coast Guard land. “The Coast Guard has been conducting an analysis of 176 properties it owns around the country to assess whether it still needs those properties,” Fraser said.

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