Robert Devet
July 23, 2021
The Nova Scotia Advocate

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KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – The hard-working activists who are trying to save a small community and the pristine landscape of Owls Head Provincial Park from becoming a golf course and resort for wealthy tourists may not have won the battle (yet) but they have been remarkably successful in getting their message out. 

Just recently the Facebook group reached 8000 followers, way more than most Nova Scotia grassroots environmental groups. For comparison, the Nova Scotia Advocate has a mere 3,100 followers. 

More importantly, the group’s Facebook community by and large aren’t passive consumers who go to the page to read the latest news, click like and move on with their lives. To varying degrees they’re activists, folks who write letters, organize local events, travel down to Halifax to rally, post signs in their yards, and who are more than willing to let the sleazy proposed sale of a provincial park to a rich American become an election issue.    

… The success of this group is its pure determination, writes McKay, and she’s right. Ultimately it is the hard work of the core members of the group that accounts for its accomplishments.  

… “So many people want to be an active part of this cause. Oftentimes people join a Facebook group, and that’s kind of the end of it. When it comes to Owls Head, joining the Facebook group is just the beginning. We make sure that the information is accessible, but also that there are opportunities for people to volunteer. We make sure that people are able to have a voice. And that’s something that people really crave,” says [Lindsay] Lee.

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