Local Resident Beverley IsAacs Visits Owls Head Provincial Park

This is what we are fighting to save…

Owls Head Provincial Park cannot speak for itself. The lichens, the crowberry plants, the wildlife that calls this place home, the eelgrass that stores carbon, this is what we are speaking for. Land that has basically been untouched for thousands of years, land that belongs to the people of Nova Scotia.

I took the opportunity today to take a walk on Owls Head Provincial Park. We were very careful where we walked, staying on a path that the wildlife had walked through. How surreal it was for me to stand there and think that this land is pure. Seeing life submerge from the melting snow! Knowing just how vital this land is to our well being, feeling grounded, how important that feeling is for your mental/physical well being. With Covid, people ran to nature. The scientific facts are there, premier Rankin cannot deny those facts. They cannot compare Owls Head Provincial Park to other sites where Golf Courses have been built. To destroy Owls Head Provincial Park is to destroy the well being of mankind!

– Beverley Isaacs, Little Harbour

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