Contributed by Sherry MacPherson
The Chronicle Herald
March 13, 2021

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Re: “Secret Owls Head deal could haunt Rankin” (March 6 column by Jim Vibert). Nova Scotians need another golf course like a hole in the head! It appears we have approximately 65 golf courses in our province and one would think that would be enough, given our small land mass and population.

The people of Nova Scotia own Owls Head Provincial Park and we all have a stake in what happens to our Crown lands! I am extremely disappointed that Premier Iain Rankin, as former Minister of Lands and Forestry, delisted and planned to sell our asset without consultation with Nova Scotians. So much for transparency! Is this going to be his modus operandi?

The aerial photograph you published of the former park reveals a rocky landscape. How can a golf course be developed on this land without causing catastrophic environmental damage?

Premier Rankin, who at the present time appears to be a champion of our environment, needs to do the right thing and rescind the decision to sell Owls Head and protect it instead under our Parks and Protected Areas Network.

Sherry MacPherson, Chester

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