Contributed by Basil Mattie (Strait Engineering Limited)
The Chronicle Herald
March 1, 2021

I generally look forward to reading your Opinions page and I was so encouraged to read Bob Rosborough’s Feb. 20 article in support of the Lighthouse Links proposed golf development at Owls Head on the Eastern Shore. The following paragraph was excellent and well said: “So, for a bunch of ranting social media followers — speared on by several whose questionable, unsuccessful past employment within government agencies and/or parasitic commercial endeavours on government support agencies with axes to grind against Nova Scotia — to zero in on the Eastern Shore and this substantial and critically important project is deceptive and morally corrupt.” 

Just to mention one benefit alone that this development would have — think of the impact on such a jewel as Liscombe Lodge. Thanks, Bob.

Basil Mattie, Tracadie, P.Eng., Strait Engineering Limited

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