Michael Gorman
CBC News
September 21, 2021

Company seeking to develop golf course in eastern N.S. holding off on consultation plan for now

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Lighthouse Links signed a letter of offer with the former Liberal government in 2019 to buy 285 hectares of Crown land, known as Owls Head provincial park, in Little Harbour. One of the requirements before the provincial cabinet can ultimately decide whether to sell the land is public consultation, the plan for which must be approved by the Natural Resources and Renewables Department. That hasn’t happened yet.

… In a statement to CBC on Friday, Rushton said he continues to review the process the previous government followed that led to the letter of offer. Opponents of the proposal have called on the government to cancel the letter of offer and protect the land.

Rushton noted in his statement that the window remains open for the parties that sought the judicial review to file an appeal.

“Once that process is complete, government will be in a better position to make a decision on next steps for that area.”

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