A message from environmental activist Jacob Fillmore and Extinction Rebellion Nova Scotia

Liberals: Stop Your Ecocide!

Ecocide: the destruction of the natural environment by deliberate or negligent human action.

Hi, this is Jacob…

I am camping out at Grand Parade to protest our government’s lack of action on the climate crisis. They continue to ignore the concerns of citizens and the reality of science. Five of us will gather at the Legislature/Province House when Premier McNeil is scheduled to arrive Friday at 9 am.

I ask that you virtually support me by phoning and emailing the three leadership candidates on the same day, and ask that they make addressing these demands a priority for the next government they form. Please message Extinction Rebellion Nova Scotia on their Facebook page to confirm that you have phoned or emailed. They will tabulate the response and we will present it to media and ask that they do a report on this event.

I am asking that this government take the climate crisis seriously. Citizens want this and I ask that they begin by swiftly addressing four demands which they have ignored or even fought against for years despite widespread citizen support for action.

1) Stop clear-cutting (and all other cutting under new terminology that has the same effect)
2) Protect species at risk without delay,
3)Cancel the Alton Gas storage facility,
4) And Save Owl’s Head Provincial Park.

Here is where to call to show your support from home:

Labi Kousoulis
Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office (902) 424-8637
MLA office: 902-444-8200

Iain Rankin
Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office (902) 424-8637
MLA office: 902-404-7036

Randy Delorey
Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office (902) 424-8637
MLA office: 902-870-5899

Please contact the leaders of the opposition, so they can hold the Liberal majority government accountable for this:

Gary Burrill NDP leader
NDP Caucus office: (902) 424-4134
MLA office: 902-454-8365

Tim Houston Prog.Conservative leader
Conservative Caucus office:
(902) 424-2731
MLA office: 902-695-3582 

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