Megan Scheffers & Harvey Stevens: Audio & Transcript

Radio host Jordan Morgan speaks with two residents who support the delisting, sale, and development of Owls Head Provincial Park.

“We want to build three separate courses. But you know, and I, and I want to be really, really clear on this Jordi. Like, when we say we are going to build these courses, we want to do this sustainably. Right now, you know, we are being challenged or all businesses are being challenged with these ecological issues and climate change. But we really want to do this. And we want to move forward doing this ethically, and environmentally friendly. And we want to protect the wetlands and the coastal barrens, and we are aware of the habitat for endangered species and the globally rare ecosystem. But we are going to do, or Mr. Gilbert is going to do, his utmost to take care of all of this because he is a philanthropist and an environmentalist.”

Megan Scheffers

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