Owls Head [Provincial Park] – Not the Place for a Golf Resort

Dale Dunlop
The Maritime Explorer
February 19, 2021

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Why then the need for yet one more post on Owls Head? Perhaps naively, I believe I do bring a slightly different perspective to the matter. As a lawyer, I can comment on the case currently before the courts, particularly as one who has faced off with the Department of Justice many times over the past forty-five years. As a concerned environmentalist who has visited every provincial park in Nova Scotia and almost all the Wilderness Areas as well, I can comment on what makes Owls Head different from all these other places. Finally, as far as I know, I will be the only golf journalist who has offered an opinion on whether or not Owls Head would make for a good location to build a golf resort. I love the game of golf and am almost in awe of how quickly Nova Scotia has rocketed to the top of the must play places in the world with the success of the Cabot Links courses in Inverness. I have written many posts on Nova Scotia golf courses including this one describing why Cabot Cliffs is the #1 course in Canada. If not for the success of Cabot Links, I do not believe this matter would ever have arisen in the first place.

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Provincial parks legislation needs update on pending protected land: NDP Press Release

January 30th, 2020

Halifax — The NDP Caucus will table legislation this upcoming session to strengthen the Provincial Parks Act to ensure pending protected land cannot be delisted without public consultation. The Wilderness Areas Protection Act already requires public consultation when changing designation of significant areas.

“As we’ve seen with Owl’s Head, right now, the government can meet behind closed doors and delist land that the community believed to be protected,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “This process must be more open and involve community input. When it comes to protecting land and wildlife, a decision made at the Cabinet table shouldn’t be the only step to move land from pending protection status to being available for sale.”

The NDP government consulted over 2000 Nova Scotians before publishing a plan to protect dozens of sites across the province in 2013. The Our Parks and Protected Areas plan includes about 90 sites that are still pending protection. The NDP plan included a goal of protecting all of those sites by 2015.

“When communities see how quickly and quietly things have moved with Owl’s Head, it is understandable that people throughout the province are concerned this could happen to their parks too,” said Burrill.


Source: https://www.nsndp.ca/provincial-parks-legislation-needs-update-pending-protected-land