Province firm on Owls Head sale despite objections

Stefan Sinclair-Fortin
The Signal
February 7, 2020

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Public will get a say but on the developer’s terms

The government defended its handling of Owls Head on Thursday, despite continuing calls for the sale of public land to be stopped.

Minister of Lands and Forestry Iain Rankin said he is aware of the public’s interest, but has no plans to protect the area. He said the sale to a private developer is still in progress.


Conservation biologist creates website to help save Owls Head

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Stefan Sinclair-Fortin
The Signal
January 28, 2020

Government says Owls Head isn’t a provincial park, but their documents say otherwise

Controversy over the proposed sale of coastal Crown land known as Owls Head provincial park in Eastern Shore has prompted Chris Miller to create a website urging people to speak out.

Miller, executive director of the Nova Scotia chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, said he created the site last week because of the number of people who reached out to him.

“A lot of people are really concerned about it, and people are contacting me and are (asking) ‘How can I help, what can I do?’” Miller said in an interview.

“So I’m directing them to submit letters to the government, for them to reach out to their MLAs.”