LTE: Golf Rebuttal

It seems that “the lady doth protest too much.”Gloria McCluskey (“Out of bounds” letter, Aug. 31) was not the subject of my Aug. 19 letter, but by assuming things about me, she has made herself the subject of this one.

My factual letter about the proposed golf course, to be built on a 10,000-year old ecosystem, was met with a personal attack on my lack of knowledge about golf, my inability to see the benefit of golf and a delirious claim that I cast aspersions on her beloved home course. She assumed things about me without knowing anything about my background. But why let facts get in the way of a good story?


Natural resources minister says he needs details of Owls Head deal signed by Liberals

“I’m quite hopeful that he’s (Houston) going to do the right thing here and throw out the letter of offer that was crafted in secrecy and deceit in my opinion,” said Chris Trider, a member of the Facebook group Save Owls Head Provincial Park.

“I hope he’ll go even further and complete the formal designation,” of Owls Head as a provincial park.

.. Trider said with former premier Stephen McNeil, Rankin and other ministers, Owls Head “was always a sort of secret, done deal, behind closed doors, backroom arrangements made, public consultation handed over to the developer.”