Jim Vibert
The Chronicle Herald
August 6, 2021

If this election accomplishes nothing else, it has produced the most ambitious environmental plans each of the three major parties has ever put before the Nova Scotian electorate. Surely, that’s a good thing.

The Liberals and the PCS draw on recent history as a foundation for what’s to come. The New Democrats keep their focus on the future, except to fire some shots across the Liberals’ bow for slow action on key environmental initiatives.

… And, of course, Owls Head figures in the PC and NDP documents as proof that Premier Iain Rankin’s commitment to the environment is malleable.

Owls Head, a spit of coastal land on the Eastern Shore, was on the list of places for protection until the Liberals removed it to start a process that could culminate in its sale for a golf resort.

Rankin won’t back down and says there are lots of hurdles to clear before a sale would go through. The NDP would reverse the decision and protect the place. The Tories would put the breaks on any deal until there is more public consultation and scientific evidence.

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