April 6, 2023
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The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is closer to protecting another chunk of Nova Scotia’s valuable coastline.

The organization is acquiring 450 acres of land next to Owls Head Provincial Park. The parcel will be known as the Little Harbour Conservation Lands and includes habitats along the Eastern Shore that are described as “ecologically rich.”

“It’s a big win.”

– NSNT Executive director Bonnie Sutherland

… She said the land has several coastal ecosystems including a salt marsh, tidal flats, coastal forest, rocky shore, beaches, bogs and coastal barrens. Birds such as harlequin ducks, boreal songbirds, sandpipers, terns, eiders and raptors use it for breeding and overwintering habitat as well as a migratory stopover. The globally rare broom crowberry can also be found there.

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